// Lost Jelly


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You play as a robot Nimble. His only task is to collect Jelly in special containers. All caught on a certain area of Jelly do you, until you bring them back to the spaceship. The road to the flying saucer goes through the gate. The gate opens only when the robot will collect all the Jelly on the farm. But his brakes. And now Nimble moves always forward. Not to crash not in that, the robot will need to constantly maneuver. And on the way he meets many obstacles. This house, and sheds, and carts, and fences, and the banners of hay, for which Jelly love to hide. Moving among them, Nimble should be mindful of a container that drags. If you bump into them, then he will break and hurt Jelly. And the salvation of Jelly – it was his duty. Before each farm, the robot need to think carefully about the route and the first steps. Sometimes first need to save a certain Jelly, because then it would be impossible. So go and get all Jelly, they stand and wait for them to all save.



Developed by

Red Leg Games

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Red Leg Games

Release date:

September 23, 2015

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