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Bored by Candy Crush and Pet Saga without real challenge ?! Try Diabolic Seasons!
Diabolic Seasons is a fun, simple, addicting game that will push you to your limits.
Diabolic Seasons is a quick and fun game that will put you under pressure, and when you make an error you’ll surely want to try for 3 stars all over again. Diabolic Seasons also features a two-player mode, allowing two players to test their nerves against one another. The game features slick visuals, stylish scenes, and addictive but short gameplay that will surely provide an ample amount of fun for minutes to hours at a time.

Easy to play

In Diabolic Seasons there are small tiles that are based on the weather of the seasons, such as sunshine and snow, which correspond to colored tiles on the game board. The seasonal tiles move forward across the board on their own after a short while, and it’s your job to make sure that the color of the seasonal tile matches the board tile or else a Diabolic entity will remove your tile from play, preventing you from scoring 100%. This concept is fairly easy to manage at first, but as the board becomes larger and, as more seasonal tiles begin to appear at one time, you’ll start to slip up. Once this happens it’s quite easy to lose control.


  • Innovant and nervous gameplay where reflex and concentration is needed.
  • Adventure system let you access to differents difficulty levels.
  • 3 Differents gameplay(Adventure, Two players and Challenge).
  • Tens of levels in Adventure mode.
  • Original music specially made by Depard Music.
  • English and French language.
  • New level will be added frequently.
  • Online Score and facebook connect (work in progress).
  • Indie Game made by myself 😀

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Zibra Studio

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Zibra Studio

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September 9, 2015

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