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Freedom has become only a word for the people living in Amerac, as it’s not ruled by a traditional government, but an all-seeing dictatorship of The Family corporation. Its power is built on surveillance and everlasting fear of terror, which it has instilled on its citizens through media.

In the game you take control of up to five rebel fighters battling against the oppressive regime. You get your orders from Cyryx, the mysterious leader of the Phoenix Rebellion, whom you only know through the connection of Infolink.

As the game progresses, you can enhance your fighters with new upgrades, weapons and equipment. Upgrades can be bought with experience as your characters level up, but be careful not to get your fighters killed during the mission. This will end up losing all the experience they have gained during the mission!

The weapons and other hardware can be bought with credits, the ingame currency, which you also gather during missions.

The full game includes a story campaign of 18 missions. During the story you unveil The Family’s secrets in the search of the company’s lost data crystal: the Neurotron. Let the liberation of Amerac begin!

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Rayhouse Productions

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Rayhouse Productions

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September 9, 2015

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