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Little game about a small but brave and courageous creature who lost the most precious thing in life – his only eye.Walking on a sunny hills, our hero meets the most ruthless and evil enemies in the underworld – Doctor Worm. Villain has swallowed the eye and hides deep into his laboratory. And our hero falls into the pit. Dr. Worm has been stealing different body parts for a week from people of sunny hills to create a horrible monster with which Dr. Worm wants to capture the world. Your task is to get your eye back and do away with the villain forever!


  • Hardcore platformer with special graphics.
  • More than 30 levels in each of them you will find the deadly traps and mystical mysteries.
  • Move through the story and get additional effects and hats for the hero.
  • Epic music that will make you listen to it over and over again.
  • Secrets rooms with interesting details, characters and objects.



Developed by

Akakiy Petrushkin

Published by

Akakiy Petrushkin

Release date:

September 6, 2015

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