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Rock Rock Rocket is an upcoming, pocket-sized, real-time, open world first-person shooter, created from the ground up for iPhone and iOS. Adventure awaits as a lone astronaut, an interstellar scientist and part of deep-space research team. When a routine job on an alien planet goes from bad to worse, players find themselves stranded in a world full of constant danger and endless discovery!


-With the free roaming sense of discovery found in recent open world shooters and RPGs like the Fallout series, Borderlands, and Elder Scrolls…

– coupled with a 24 hour real-time clock where time in the game passes just as it does in the real world! For example, if you are playing Rock Rock Rocket after work at 5:58pm, it’ll also be 5:58pm in the game, the planet’s sun will be setting, and new enemies and events are beginning to emerge under the cover of night. Or, 2 days after placing that weird space egg that you found in that weird space cave onto a shelf in your spaceship, you notice that it is now beginning to hatch!

There will be some events and quests that span over a few real-time days, and the main plot of our hero will actually play out over the course of about a month.


It’s Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, but with lasers! And it’s all experienced from within a stylised retro, first-person perspective, that harkens back to the 2d/3d hybrid DOS games of old, but, with shooting mechanics and gameplay reminiscent of contemporary classics like Metroid Prime, and the Halo series.


  • A gripping Sci-Fi Survival Storyline with events that unfold over days, and weeks in real time
  • A heap of weapons and abilities to unlock
  • Multiple areas and zones, and day/night cycle with weather that changes up gameplay
  • Various Random Side events that pop up during each session.
  • A repairable, upgradeable Rocket ship that functions as your base of operations
  • Complete Research Sample Collections: discover and catalogue alien wildlife, plants and minerals • A whole range of space creatures, and enemies, to find and fight.

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Successful Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ryanestevens/rock-rock-rocket/








Developed by

Ryan Stevens

Published by

Clickteam, LLC

Release date:

December 7, 2015

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