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Tisnart Tiles takes you beyond the ordinary match 3 games!… 120 levels of entertaining twists and surprises along the way. Which way is gravity
pulling on the tiles up/down/left/right? No one board is the same. Unique powerups like Tile Blasters, Gravity Tiles, Tile flips, Gas Pods, what’s
next? Lookout for Mr.Skull, He is waiting for you to make a mistake so he can steal your tiles. Between split boards, rotating tiles and earthquakes
you are bound to get dizzy. Think you got what it takes?

Features List

  • 120 levels of entertaining twists and surprises
  • 9 exciting Power-ups like the Flip Tile, Bomb Tile, Gravity Tile
  • Collect coins to use special items like the Multi Bomb or the Multi Blaster
  • Use the Rotator to rotate the tiles on the board
  • Collect Element tiles to start a QUAKE to help clear the board


  • Although there are tutorials within the game, there are many “things” left for the player to discover during game play!
  • The Title is screen is an interactive one….can you figure out all the different things you can do?
  • There may be some secrets in the level select screen for extra coins……can you find out what they are?

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  • http://www.iwin.com/games/tisnart-tiles



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August 31, 2015

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