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Inexistence is an independent game developed by Jonathan Brassaud, currently in development for PC.  Inspired by the classics of the 16-bit era, because of its pixel art style and Metroidvania gameplay , discover a vast world full of mysteries and action, with many varied places, in a pixel art style worthy of the great hits of the SNES era.

The game has many RPG Elements enabling customize the stats and equipment of heroes, and get new abilities as you go.  To make the experience unique, many impressive enemies and magical places to cross your path.

Help Hald vanquish his foes by killing them with his blade or by using various magical spells at the cost of Mana which will regenerate itself over time. Every enemy has its own pattern and might require a different approach. Physical attacks and magical ones both damage enemies differently, it is up to the player to specialize in one branch or to try to balance both types of attacks.

Money is collected throughout the game and can (should!) be used to purchase various items and abilities from various NPCs. Make sure to talk to all of them, they have a lot to offer Hald on his quest to rescue his sister.

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August 8, 2015

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