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Vincere Totus Astrum or “To Conquer all Stars” is the first “Casual 4x Strategy Game” on iOS devices. Prepare to conquer the known galaxy in this easy to pick fast paced game of galactic intrigue!

Blending galaxy conquering with quick and easy gameplay. Pick one of five races and set out to expand your one world into a vast empire. Research new techs, build colony ships, and begin to spread out, but be careful you aren’t the only race on the rise. The Universe is a small place and you will have to either negotiate, trade or battle other empires into submission.

Prepare to lay your claim amongst the galaxy as you attempt ” To Conquer all Stars”

02/20/2017 Added to Steam!


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Space Sector: http://www.spacesector.com/blog/2011/09/vincere-totus-astrum



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Gamesare Studios

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Gamesare Studios

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February 21, 2017

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