// Fission Superstar X


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Tour the solar system on a desperate, randomly generated bomb run…Experience a weird, relentless solar tour in this randomly generated space rogue-lite. Travel from Planet X to Earth while fending off endless waves of attackers. What is the payload? A “superstar” nuclear bomb. What is the mission? To make her famous! Does it make sense? Ask the “scientist” who built that thing! While working on his latest nuclear bomb, Dr. Leopold had a revelation. He wasn’t creating a weapon of mass destruction; he was making an atomic superstar! Was it the radiation sickness, or was Leopold always insane like this? Who knows and who cares? Now you must do his bidding and tour the solar system with Celine, his dear bomb. Who would not be thrilled to host the concert of a nuclear bomb under the control of a clearly insane scientist? Everybody, it seems, that’s why they are all trying to destroy Leopold’s creation.



Developed by

Turbo Pelvis 3000 inc.

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Turbo Pelvis 3000 inc.

Release date:

May 21, 2019

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