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Tropical is one of the very first virtual worlds created for the general public. This small exotic aquapark is a completely new experience. You don’t need to worry about weather, food, temperature, animals – every single aspect of your holidays is simulated to be perfect!

You play as Dominica – one of the four lucky people, who has been chosen to test it!


  • Tropical is an adventure game – in order to progress the story, you need to complete quests. Sometimes they require playing a minigame or solving a puzzle.
  • Dialogs and choices – everything you say affects your relationship with the characters. Everything you do has consequences. Your actions also influence Dominica’s own mood. Take care – you don’t want her to be sad in such a paradise!
  • Explore the world – you have a whole virtual aquapark just for you. Waterslides! Swimming pools! Electric scooters! Exotic animals! Pizzeria! And so much more!
  • Interactive experience – you can interact with everything you see and talk with everyone! Same actions may lead to different outcomes depending on time, weather, nearby characters and many more factors!
  • There is more – you can unlock bonus content with coins that you get for achievements! Wallpapers, concept arts and most importantly – extra cutscenes, outside of the story!

Try the free demo version containing the first 90 minutes of the game!



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Robert Welz

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Robert Welz

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