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The challenge is Project Mercury. The power is Raxasoft. Make your way on foot, on a hoverbike, up skyscrapers, and down bottomless pits, as you exterminate a threat of unknown origin!


In the not too distant future, a crack commando unit is sent to investigate an outbreak of mysterious creatures known only as Mercury.  Several days go by without contact.  You have been tasked with determining the fate of the crack commando unit, exterminating the threat, and restoring order to a land plagued by the Mercury menace!

Game Features

  • Eight stages that will put you on foot, riding on a hover bike, scaling skyscrapers, and floating down chasms.
  • State-of-the-Art high fidelity graphics at a 256 x 224 native resolution.
  • A rich soundtrack that only five-channel chip music can provide.
  • Nine boss battles to make your blood boil.
  • Three weapons modules to help you on your mission.
  • Battery-powered save features to keep your progress.
  • Achievements to document your effectiveness in the field.



Developed by

Raxasoft Games

Published by

Raxasoft Games

Release date:

January 12, 2018

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