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  • –Hardcore, open-world, survival game–

    Survive as many days as possible, and each death means a new, randomly generated world and play-through.

  • –Advanced crafting system–

    Every piece of crafted equipment has random stats. Hundreds of craftable items.

  • –Randomly generated invasions–

    Prepare for invasions that occur every night. Each invasion is a random selection of enemies with different weapons and stats, forcing the player to adapt.

  • –Procedural generated islands–

    Depending on the specified world size, a number of islands are generated with varied terrain, loot, enemies, and special locations.

  • –Building system–

    Build walls, traps, turrets, and other defenses in preparation for the night.

  • –Hunger–

    Plant crops, hunt for animals, and forage to stave off your hunger.

  • –Character selection–

    Choose from over 50 unlockable characters, each with different stats and special equipment.

  • –Character progression–

    Card-based perks, where on each level-up the player chooses one of three special abilities. Perks are dealt differently each playthrough. Stats naturally develop based on use.

  • –Explore and scavenge–

    Discover new islands, treasure, and crafting possibilities.

  • –Equipment–

    Items have randomly generated stats and abilities. When crafting items, you will rarely get the same result twice.



Developed by

Frostforged Games

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Frostforged Games

Release date:

October 19, 2017

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