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Kwarn Armada tactics is a real time tactical sci fi game. An absolutely unique, simple, tactical and nervous gameplay that will experience your tactical sense and your speed of reflexion like never before!

Numerous tactical possibilities : 
13 generals, 27 drones and 26 equipments
Long game lifespan :
A campaign mode that follows each of the 13 generals, 10 different game modes and quick play mode against a challenging AI or a second player A unique and captivating universe told with a comic book style.

Kwarn Armada Tactics is expected by early 2018 for Android, iOS, Windows PC and Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10, Xbox One, Windows 10 Mobile

Kwarn Armada Tactics (aka KAT) is a unique mix of strategy and action. KAT’s gameplay is focused on an ingenious system of units formations : each of your units has lines of action that can strengthen allied units or destroy enemy units. Smartly place your units to create powerful formations which will counter your opponent’s assaults ! This simple gameplay allows a very fast handling, while offering multiple tactical possibilities!

Choose among 13 generals the one that will lead your troops on the battlefield. The general defines your armada’s general strategy : massive assaults or fast attacks, impenetrable defense, ruses or diversions, guerrilla warfare or destabilization… Each of the 13 generals has 3 powers able to turn the battle to his advantage : powerful drones prototypes, enemy units capture, camouflage, speed or power boosts, etc…



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August 2, 2017

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