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Dreamstones is a genre bending RPG/Breakout/World building epic. You are thrown into a world in chaos, the Dream Kingdom has been wiped clean of its native Dreamweavers by the Nightlings in an eternal war. You have been called upon to rebuild, rescue and return the kingdom to its rightful glory. Unlock and explore the Outlands and play Breakout like you have never seen it before. Fight monsters and bosses with weapons and skills you buy, loot or recieve. Complete challenges and puzzles in order to obtain the precious Dreamstones and Blueprints needed to rebuild the and restore peace to the Dream Kingdom.

  • 100’s of screens of breakout style fun to smash up
  • A beautiful handpainted world to explore and rebuild. All in glorious HD
  • An epic RPG tale unfolds on your journey for restoration
  • Tons of weapons and skills to collect and use
  • RPG style stat system to manipulate with buffs equipable skills
  • Defeat monsters for exp and level up for greater power and gold
  • Loads of crazy collectable powerups to use
  • Breakout style gameplay variations and challenges
  • An amazing chilled original soundtrackDreamstones is still under heavy development and some things are likely to change, Development is also being livestreamed on Twitch, if you want to come check it out or have suggestions please drop on in and say hi!
    Windybeard – Dreamstones Development on Twitch[twitch.tv]



Developed by Windybeard

Published by Windybeard

Release date: 05/10/2017

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