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BLASTING MANIACS is a fast paced action shooter with an instinctive and challenging gameplay. It’s like the wild version of Asteroids with superpowers!

Ready for a modern arcade challenge?

They say the mission is to save the universe…
Of course yes! But the most important is to wreck anything that moves, become the high scorer and show everyone who is the best pilot in the galaxy.

Everybody loves to destroy stuffs!

Use various types of laser guns, devastating special weapons and color the star field with the explosions of your enemies.

A great power is worthless without style.

Master the stunts to survive and earn some style points.
Do some loopings to fly over the danger. You can even «Do a barell roll» !
Your reflexes are your best asset.

You won’t win the war alone.

Use powerups to call allies and mothership to the rescue

  • 3 heroes ready to kick some butt
  • 20+ types of enemies
  • 10 spectacular space environments
  • 10+ unlockables spaceships
  • 10+ weapons (primary, secondary ,special)
  • Big bad bosses that will give you some hard time!
  • Various challenging game modes ( adventure, arcade, boss mode, style challenge…)
  • Comics inspired characters and effects
  • Online Highscores
  • Achievements
  • Accessible mouse movement
  • Compatible with most controllers (xbox, ps4 and more), supports vibrations.

I can’t promise those will be in the game for now but I will work hard for it.

  • Local split screen coop and competitive play
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Bonus zones with alternative gameplays
  • Hand drawn comics cut scènes
  • Advanced perk system
  • More heroes, spaceships and weapons

Working solo on my first indie game is a great adventure for 3 years now!
Please give Blasting Maniacs a YES and make a kid’s dream come true.

Thanks buddies!



Developed by

Jeremy Mathieu

Published by

Jeremy Mathieu

Release date:

February 21, 2017

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