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About the Game

Grab your jetpack and blast through hordes of enemies in this fun, and free adventure for the android! Avoid obstacles and outwit colorful aquatic enemies! This is not just a kid’s game. It’s a joyride that’s fun for the entire family. If you enjoy lively, addictive games give this one a go. It’s a new endless runner in space!

The Story

The peaceful world of Chimptopia is in grave danger! The evil alien Oceanics are on the attack! Only you can save the day!. Suit up recruit, and brave the onslaught of fishy monsters who seek to destroy all of chimpkind. Collect power-ups, buy upgrades, and activate the Dooms Day Cannon to send those watery aliens back to the dark depths!


  • Randomly generated asteroids, enemies, and power-ups ensure game play is always fresh.
  • Unlock powerful upgrades to keep you going for hours!
  • Horde gems and coins to buy colorful and amusing cosmetic items for your space monkey. Fly in style.
  • Have to take a break? No problem! The game automatically saves your progress so you can pick up where you left off!
  • Play for the endgame. If you can collect the 4 gems of power you can unleash devastation on your foes!



Developed by

Zentaco Productions

Published by

Zentaco Productions

Release date:

January 31, 2017

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