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Dynabot has crash landed a Dynacorp delivery ship on a lush alien planet and must recover the ship and Dynacorp’s assets.
Navigating the world as as representative of Dynacorp, Dynabot must balance empathy and the corporate agenda to gain (or betray) the trust of the adorable alien inhabitants and find a way home.

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You play as Dynabot, a hyperactive delivery robot with a deathray. While out on a routine delivery flight, things take an unexpected turn and you crash land on a lush, undocumented alien planet. You must balance empathy and mayhem to gain—or betray—the trust of the adorable alien inhabitants, who can help or hinder your journey back home.

Dynabot is a robot built and deployed by the pre-eminent Dynacorp for delivery with a smile. Though perpetually cheerful, Dynabot seems to have missed any humour upgrades and, since first being powered on, has never once gotten the joke. Why did the chickenbot cross the space lane? Dynabot will list every probable reason, every time.

Dynabot loves destroying things, Programmed with an endlessly jubilant personality, and equipped with a destructive deathray laser and versatile mining drill, Dynabot has the capacity to become the most chipper one-bot killing machine around.

But, Dynabot doesn’t have to kill everything in sight! Programmed with algorithms that supply endless charm, Dynabot can escape many sticky situations simply by using the Dynacorp-patented technology, “HypnoCharm”. When that doesn’t work, Dynabot can ramp up computational power to grasp non-robotic concepts, such as “danger” and “hunger”, and can use this knowledge to do something nice while waiting for the trusty deathray to charge.

The procedurally generated levels are destructible and bursting with puzzles. If you like causing chaos, you can blast the puzzles away—and create new enemies to fight.

If you’re more of a pacifist, you can work with your new alien friends to uncover mysteries and recover your scattered cargo.

The planet upon which Dynabot crashlands is a peaceful one, so filled with personality that even the clouds seem sentient. It’s not unlikely that the planet itself experiences emotions, ones no doubt as cheery as the creatures that reside upon it.
The resident aliens suggest that this planet is too good at fostering life, with beings evolving from improbable beginnings such as a centuries-forgotten hot drink. The resident species are simple and trusting, lacking the healthy dose of scepticism recommended by the Galactic Health Authority. Still, despite the lack of apex predators, the aliens are known to fight back if their way of life is disturbed. Unfortunately, the majority are weak, and haven’t worked a single day in their lives.



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Rox Flame

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Rox Flame

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November 7, 2016

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