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In the city of Edenshima, members of Zt. Laventiaca Academy’s student council have been investigating “Frameshifts,” glitches in Mother Nature that expel parasitic entities called “Mutajins” into hosts. All are somehow connected to a rumored website that bestows visitors supernatural powers through a person referred to as the “Reaper.” Armed with special chips to use psychic abilities, Zt. Laventiaca Academy’s student council vows to protect the city and to solve the mystery behind the Frameshifts in this modern-day, science fiction RPG.

Key Features

  • Explore Edenshima’s colorful districts – patronize eateries to restore health and shop around trendy stores for items, weapons, and outfits. There’s plenty of side stores to browse around!
  • Engage in up to 5-on-5 fast turn-based combat – visually analyze enemies for weaknesses and exploit them to gain the upper edge.
  • Equip various abilities – unlock different elemental attacks and status inflictors through Gene Points acquired from battles and arm characters with them.
  • Experiment with fashion style and play style through 20 outfits – become a chef to boost fire skills, transform into a surgeon to enhance healing powers, and more with wardrobes and their unique passive abilities.
  • Presskit: http://clowcode.com/press.html

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Game Jolt http://gamejolt.com/games/esper-excite/202573

Itch.io https://katachi.itch.io/esper-excite



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October 31, 2016

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