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During the late 14th century, the angel of death, Azrael – fell out of favor with God and launched a campaign to create an army using the souls he was meant to deliver for judgement. He unleashed a terrible plague that devastated millions, giving him the souls he needed to wage war on humanity.

During this time, a rancher and squire named Corbin Delacroix endeavored on a quest to slay the fallen angel. He was successful in his task, and with the angel of death destroyed, Corbin inherited the powers of Azrael. He journeyed throughout the continent, liberating the souls that were once under Azrael’s dark spell.

Many years passed, and Corbin’s divine task began to take a toll on his body. A cult led by a vampire sorceress named Aeron sought to restore power to Azrael, and saw their opportunity – killing the weakened Corbin. However, Corbin’s powers transferred into his next of blood – his daughter, Aurora. Using the whip crafted from Azrael’s bones, Aurora sets out to avenge her father and slay the resurrected angel.


Anathema is an action-adventure, platformer for PC that pays homage to the largely absent video game hall-of-famer, Castlevania in its 2D form. Using pre-rendered sprites, the game is presented in beautiful, crisp 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Players will whip through hordes of enemies, and utilize seven different subweapons such as the dagger, sickle, murder of crows and more. Some items have special attacks that can devastate enemies and quickly even the playing field.

• Every level has multiple bosses.
• Whip across chasms for fast-paced platforming action.
• Variated environments enhance the gameplay experience and keep it fresh.
• Cutscenes after each level to tell the story of Aurora and her quest.
• An original, orchestra/rock hybrid score. Familiar, yet fresh.
• Enemies will suit each stage. Expect new enemies and patterns every level.


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October 13, 2016

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