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Ourobos Legacy is a full out adventure full of secrets, explosions, tension and monsters. Explore the enormous regions of Planet Ourobos, from the sand filled dunes of Auron to the soaking wet mountains of Mosrak.

7 Weapons each with different uses and a powered up version
24 Different Enemies to destroy and explode
8 Power Up Enhancements, from jetpacks to dash boots.
8 Huge Bosses to Fight and Destroy
8 Huge Zones to explore and get lost in
Classic and Enhanced Graphics Mode.
Bonuses like Boss Rush and secret worlds to uncover.
Retro Styled Soundtrack created on a real 8bit Brick

Steam trading cards and achievements will be available if greenlit!

Ourobos started off as my entry for LDjam34 where it placed 13th overall. After the jam was finished, I had to much fun making a mini metroid game I wanted to expand it and make it into something much more fleshed out.

Coming holiday season this year.




Developed by

Sinclair Strange

Published by

Sinclair Strange

Release date:

September 22, 2016

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