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A superfast platformer starring a cybernetically enhanced fish out of water.


Spryke is a deeply crafted platformer about a deep sea cyberfish out of water. Think Super Meat Boy meets Rayman meets Finding Dory!

Exiled from her underwater home and thrust towards a strange world above, Spryke is on a journey of self-discovery through a seemingly endless series of brutal obstacles. Run for your life, glide, and ride on walls and ceilings with extreme agility. A highly granular progression system means every split-second decision makes a difference to your unique story.







FAST-PACED PLATFORMING ACTION: Snappy level design, tight controls and instant respawn work together to provide a hardcore challenge without the frustration.

DIVE INTO A LUSH & RICH UNIVERSE: A level of visual detail and intricacy rarely seen in indie games which brings Spryke’s universe to life. You will journey through a cartoony scifi saga full of strange creatures, stunning locales, and uncompromising animation.

INSTA-BUBBLE: Float through the air using your own momentum with a unique bubble mechanic that feels super satisfying to use.

MASTERY AWAITS: Every moment counts as the Sporalium evaporates in each level. You’ll always be rewarded for perfecting your runs.

NON-LINEAR PROGRESSION: Finding a level too hard? No problem! A highly granular progression system means that you’ll always have multiple paths to choose from.

A WEALTH OF SECRETS & UNLOCKABLES: The world is full of secrets and hard-to-reach resources. Find them to unlock sections of your mysterious new home base and learn more about the world above.



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October 11, 2016

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