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Juno’s Darkest Hour is a simple but challenging 2D action adventure platformer game inspired by the side-scrollers of the past. Explore the secrets of a vast monochromatic and pixelated world, accompanied by a nostalgia-driven soundtrack.

Guide little Juno through the strange and dangerous land of Canopia in order to rescue her friends and put a stop to Glykon’s evil plans. Quick reflexes and sharp wits will be required to escape and defeat the wizard’s minions. Combine different characters and items to access new areas and discover more and more treasures, until you are ready to confront Glykon!

Will you succeed against all odds, or will you die over and over again?

The game will soon be available for Windows!



  • Explore 40 levels with a wide variety in themes : a forest covered in snow, a pirate-infested lagoon, the cozy gentlemen’s lounge, an abandoned temple built on a volcano, caverns made of crystal, a haunted palace soaring across the sky, and much more!
  • Rescue additional playable characters to benefit from their unique abilities, such as being unable to climb ladders and only being able to say “Meow”!
  • Hone your platforming skills to avoid enemies! Compensate for your lack of means of self-defense by equipping useful items like the Top Hat, which greatly increases your social standing.
  • Copious amounts of bottomless pits to fall into!
  • Over eight different bosses to defeat with unexpected strategies. Transform into a sonic assault butterfly to fight the evil spiders or go toe-to-toe against an immortal warrior in a fierce orb duel !
  • Revisit levels with different character/item combinations to collect all the Season Fragments, unlocking pieces of lore and weakening the evil force corrupting the land!
  • Replay against stronger bosses, new enemies or without any checkpoints for a customizable challenge with extra difficulty!
    There are also probably some secret things to find?
  • But you’ll mostly find bottomless pits!




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Lobster Wing Delusions

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Lobster Wing Delusions

Release date:

May 25, 2016

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