// Slash or Die


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About the Game
It is not so easy to be a hero in a dark world … In a world where everyone is ready to slay each other, Where life and gold have no cost. And only souls of the slayed are of value!

Some shows foul play to collect more souls. Some uses his rank to start genocide. BUT a really baleful thing is… Is that it is a world of immortals … Are you ready to be killed to become stronger? Are you ready to go the way of all things Deaths will show ….


  • Short but interesting story
  • Hardcore enemies
  • Even more hardcore bosses
  • Trick ending
  • High difficulty level (Hardcore mode)
  • Easy controls
  • Dark pixel style
  • Atmospheric music
  • Atmospheric deaths



Developed by ClickGames

Published by ClickGames

Release date: 05/06/2016

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