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If you’re reading these words, I’m no longer alive. Everything changed when I invented the Writer—I could never have imagined what worlds would be revealed by my subconscious. In the blink of an eye I could decide my fate, choose who I would be today, tomorrow, in a week. I’d been thinking of changing my identity for quite a while now, as life has lost all its joy for me. If you’ve received this letter, then I’ve dared make this final step. I have no idea if you should be congratulating or pitying me. I can never know what has become of me, but you can. What follows will help you put the pieces together.

The Identity Change Experiment

Information about our future selves, our identities, and what life holds in store is hidden away in the depths of our subconscious mind. We have to spend our entire lives trying to drag just a single one of these up to the surface of our consciousness. Is this really fair? Ready-made identities—musicians, actors, athletes, writers—they’re all alive and well in our subconscious. All we have to do is play a little trick on nature so they pop up on command; so we can become the person we’ve been dreaming of. How much happier would we be? How much more could we manage to do and experience in our short lives? Aren’t we all just looking for the meaning of life?

What is The Writer

A thought is a living organism. It might at first seem disordered and absurd, but our mind organizes it and gives it meaning. But this process only happens in our conscience mind; we remain forever cut off from our subconscious thoughts. To read them we need the Writer. He converts thoughts into text, writes the story of the subconscious mind and helps people touch and interact with it.

Death and birth are what makes the subconscious’s tales ‘live’, ‘liberation’, by way of the destruction of the physical envelope. When you destroy a living organism, the soul departs from it. With a thought, it is a sound. The death cries of thoughts tell us their story of what is happening in the subconscious.

Before you are stories of the subconscious mind that the Writer recorded during the Identity Change Experiment. You collect the texts of stories, just the way you collect thoughts in your head. It is only when you have read all 4 stories, and compared them with the video diary of the experiment, that you will understand what has happened to the main hero. The thoughts are locked away in the story and it is only you that can set them free, give them meaning. The story of the subconscious is in your hands.



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April 20, 2016

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