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Mongrel is a 2D Action-Platformer currently in development for Windows, Mac and Linux. Taking inspiration from Conker’s Bad Fur Day, The Legend of Zelda and Metroidvania-style games.

  • Action-platformer with metroidvania elements.
  • Characters fully voiced by voice actors.
  • Incredibly dynamic main character.
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Vast world with many contrasting regions.
  • Countless secrets and weapons.

Meet the clumsy hero, Finch!

Finch is a half human, half frog – a mongrel! This gives him mysterious powers. As quick as a hawk and strong as a bear Finch faces danger without fear!

Mongrel has an emphasis on action and exploration. We’ve included a very diverse arsenal of weapons. These items will never feel restricted to a certain dungeon or area since the world was built around their mechanics.

We want to challenge the player through intense combat sections and mindbending puzzles.



The world in Mongrel is vast and has huge contrasts. From the troll jungle, the icy cold island where the dead rest to the underworld where all the banished creatures dwell.

We got to show you some of the world in the trailer, but here are some concepts for areas we haven’t started working on in-game.

This is a concept from the main human town in the overworld. With three levels that separate the different social classes of the comunity, the town will be the center of the world.

To the far west there’s a jungle where trolls live up in the tall trees. This is to protect themselves from the evil that corrupts the ground-level.

Deep underground is where all the banished creatures live. This is a concept for the underworld dungeon where Finch finds a new friend.

Inside of the volcano there’s a chamber that the trolls use as a garbage dump. It stinks! But to reach his goal Finch has to dig through worse things than used toilet paper!

This is the Hollow Mountain, where Finch might find a new bird friend!


We also would like to show off some of the races and different cultures found in the game. There’s lots of content we haven’t started working on yet. Have a look!

In the east there’s an icy island filled with freezing cold enemies! Some of them are already dead but haunt the island.

A closer look at the trolls from the troll jungle! As you can tell they love eating eggs.

The human race, they’re a huge pack of goofs!

A collection of creature concepts for the jungle area.

As the game begins our hero Finch sets out on an adventure to retrieve 4 stolen artifacts. Not with the intention of saving the world, but to find his father. After the artifacts were stolen by evil the world has been corrupted. If retrieved and placed in a magical wheel these artifacts will let Finch communicate with the Gods and in turn he will find his lost father.

But there’s a twist. Finch wants to find his father mainly so he can buy a toy he’s not old enough to buy himself. Having a main character who’s selfish and accidentally stumbles into situations where he does good deeds gives us a great angle for the more comedic moments in the game. It also gives us a great opportunity to make fun of the usual clichés in games like this.



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June 29, 2016

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