// Pharaoh Rebirth


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Treasure Hunter Jonathan of legend, in the wake of an accident in the past of the adventure, the appearance of cute rabbit.
Such his stage of this adventure in Egypt. During the exploration of the ruins “die within 7 days” were cursed Jonathan,
I went on a great adventure of the Holy Grail collected in order to solve the curse.Former associate of Jonathan, nemesis of the ruins vandalism Andre now,
wireless in the go-getter hacker jack to support Jonathan from behind, scholar-Mahone Dr. Egypt research mysterious,
the story of various characters be jumbled together much the number soon of thousand years ago, to a huge mystery surrounding the tragedy of Sefrou Issei!

Jonathan arrived to the legend of the ruins, Amushea is, while fending off interference of nemesis Andre arrived during the treasure in the deep. But, this was the beginning of the tragedy of Jonathan and Andre. Jonathan and Andre who wake up the Sefrou Issei, that I had been multiplied by the curse of death.



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Krobon Station

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Krobon Station

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March 8, 2016

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