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Challenge yourself in this co-op arcade beat ’em up game. Face the corruption that has spread throughout Neo-Tokyo and fight against countless gangs and take down the Yakuza. Counter attacks and dodge bullets as you rise to become a new legend!

Cities have fallen to corruption, thugs roam the street and Yakuza have taken power. Innocents are killed every day and there is noone there to help.

A group of martial artists have teamed up with a mission to clean up the dirt. Together with the help of martial arts and technology they are prepared for anything.


  • Venture through the city of Neo-Tokyo
  • Action-packed combat inspired by fighting games
  • Play alone or play co-operatively
  • Full controller support


Rising Legends puts an interesting take on the genre with inspiration from various fighting games. Block and counter attacks, dodge bullets and use the environment to your advantage.



Developed by

Robert Hendrix

Published by

Robert Hendrix

Release date:

February 22, 2016

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