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What is exactly THE CURSE OF GOLOCK?

The Curse of Golock is a beautiful tribute to The Legend of Zelda series and all others A-RPG games. It’s a way to prove that 2D-Graphics can be use in a new and original game in 2016, made by a fan of the 80s-90s.

The game will feature 100% custom graphics and soundtrack.

With its wonderful atmosphere, Golock manages to pay tribute to the biggest games of the past, while offering a new experience to the player thanks to its HQ graphics.

Cham, a small peaceful creature in Lazuria world, was working in a mine when he accidentally broke a wall and finds a room where an ancient mask rests: this mask is a relic of ancient times that allows whoever wears it to summon a ritual force to open the door of Pebble Rock, the great volcano, closed for a millennium by humans to prevent Gaomun, lord of evil, to escape from his cell. This door was sealed with a magic talisman in order to prevent anyone from entering Pebble Rock. To hide it, the talisman was broken in 5 parts that were placed in sanctuaries, where only the mask holder will find them. The Princess Ilana heard of the discovery of the Skull Mask, and sent her guards to recover it from the hands of Cham.

It’s the beginning of a great adventure in Lazuria. You will explore the world and find the 5 Sanctuaries, and kill the guardians of the parts of the talisman.

But there may be another danger behind Gaomun. . .

Welcome to the world!
Welcome to the world!
Here's how you will play !


 Some weapons available

  • 10 Weapons are available : Bow , bombs , hook etc… and many others more exclusif!
  • The game has a special weapon : A mask that will allow to the hero some “power”
  • 6 donjons will be available
  • 8 places will be available : Forest, desert, water, shadow, light etc… – Storyboard is totally done 🙂




Developed by

TIGANI Jean-pierre

Published by

TIGANI Jean-pierre

Release date:

February 18, 2016

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