// A Year With CF2.5: How Clickteam Changed My Life


2015 has been an awesome year and I feel like I owe it all to Clickteam. Though the year is coming to a close, I have high hopes for the future ahead.

At the beginning of the year, I was working at a place doing work that I wasn’t passionate about. The people I worked with were fine – for the most part – but the work was boring, non-challenging, and ultimately unfulfilling. I had been working there almost three years, since I graduated college, and would have died if I had to go another year there.

I knew I wanted to make games more than anything in the world. It had been my dream since I was a kid. I had tried making games before, but all the tools I was using heavily focused around programming and made it difficult to complete anything . Though I gained a lot of valuable knowledge, I always felt like I was fighting the engines to get what was in my head onto the screen.

Then I discovered Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and everything changed.


I started making small experiments. Using Fusion was fun and (excuse the pun) Clickteam just clicked for me.

I was waking up at 5 everyday to work on projects before work and I felt like I was getting better. Only my friends and family were actually playing my games, but it was enough to give me hope that maybe I could become a game designer and leave my job for something better. I was having fun and though my games weren’t very good, my confidence was rising. I kept making things.

I was prototyping something everyday.

As my portfolio started to grow, I started looking for a way out of my dead end job. I wanted to try my hand at becoming a game designer for a game company and started looking for jobs in the area. Through a friend, I found an opportunity to apply for a game design position at one of the largest mobile game studios in the area. It was a long shot but I sent them my resume and all the projects I had been working on with Clickteam.


Long story short, I ended up getting the job as a game designer and left my old job behind. I now work as a level designer on the #1 Bubble Shooter in the world! I honestly cannot thank Clickteam and the community for being so amazing. I mainly lurk the forums, but you guys are an awesome, awesome community. The funny thing is, when I was a kid, my parents bought me The Games Factory – I guess everything comes full circle at one point.

Though I love my job now more than ever, I still wake up at 5 to work on personal projects. I hope to release my first official game in 2016 and break out of my shyness to be more active in the community. I would also like to start a Dev Log of my experiences using Clickteam.

Thanks for reading guys!

(Editoral content written by Clickteam Community user StarvingIndie – http://community.clickteam.com/entries/912-A-Year-With-Clickteam-How-Clickteam-Changed-My-Life)

Screenshots from the author's games


Article by StarvingIndie

Date: 12/15/2015