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HAKATAH is a collective composed of app makers who want to open your eyes to the phenomenon of global warming and make you aware of its consequences in a fun way!

About the Game

When you start playing Nuage, you get an “eco-electrifying power” which turns every element you tap/click on into an eco-friendly alternative. As you are stuck inside the smog of a modern city, your aim is to make it disappear. The more you tap on elements responsible for air pollution, the more the landscape and sound environment evolve towards an ideal haven. But be careful: time is running out!

This game requires good analysis skills and fast reflexes! Side missions are also available, making the experience even more engrossing.

After playing a few games, you will have a good grasp of the factors leading to global warming, at which point you will be able to further expand your knowledge thanks to our website’s social community tools.

Indeed, we found it necessary for people to have a place where they can reflect together, express themselves and tell others about their concrete commitment to the environmental cause. The whole experience is meant to stimulate your critical faculties and to urge you to become a world citizen. This is why we like to describe Nuage as a “citizen game”!



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December 14, 2015

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