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In the primordial stellar core that created the Big Bang, dark energy particle, the General Dark Glu’on, comes from a long sleep. Beaten, there is a little more than 13 billion years by the armies of light, he is determined to take revenge. Bringing together all the dark matter particles, Dark Glu’on launches an attack and traps at first the Phot’oons. Without Phot’oons, the world will be deprived of light energy and can not resist the imminent attack against it prepares our Universe.
Quincy Quarks, atomic Guardian on vacation on Earth, receives a mission order: to go as fast on the primordial quasar and issue Phot’oons.


Your mission

In this shoot em up, shoot and destroy the cages that enclose the Phot’oons and repatriate them! You can count on your colorful power to destroy your attackers or repel temporarily. Dark Glu’on of armies improved their defense: only the same color energy shot can destroy your opponent.

Never forget that your energy is your ability to attack as much as your life. And the more you destroy enemies with one attack and you gain life by draining theirs. Although Quincy Quarks is a shoot ’em up, we should also think quickly to avoid wasting too much energy by shooting too often! A dose of shoot em up , a dose of puzzle game, for a simple result of access and very casual .

To help you in your fight, we put at your disposal a generator of items that will increase your energy, time etc … This generator works both during combat and out. An inventory lists all the items you have won or you can win.

3 new special powers have been specially made sure that you can get in other, by collecting certain atomic items.

The World needs you!

This game published by 3dlight studio / Estelle Emonnot plunge players into a galactic battle between the Dark agents and Quincy Quarks atomic hero with a big heart.




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November 20, 2015

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