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Linear Quest is a 2D RPG where you try to advance forward while fighting monsters of increasing difficulty. Learn new skills, buy better equipment and potions to improve your chances in battle.

You can also do quests for rewards. You will also meet strong boss monsters along the way. After defeating a boss monsters, you may enter a dungeon and challenge harder version of the boss.

There is a character creator which allows you to choose gender, hair color (and later hair style). Every character starts the same and you can customize your playing style depending on what attributes (strength, intelligence, vitality, dexterity, agility and luck) and skills you wish to improve upon leveling up.

There is no IAP in the game but you can watch optional reward videos and earn gems, which you can use to buy some unique equipment, status/skill point reset books and experience boost books etc.


  • Adventure forward and fight many kinds of monsters and duel it out with even bigger boss monsters!
  • After defeating a boss monster, tap the boss statue to fight tougher versions of previously seen monsters and challenge even harder bosses!
  • Figh monsters to earn experience points and level up your character! Each level up improves your HP, MP, gives you 3 status points and 1 skill point. Status points can be used to increase your attributes in the status menu and skill points can be used to learn skills in the skill menu.
  • Simple battle system where you attack monsters automatically when near them. You can move backwards to avoid attacks. Enemies can’t move so use distance to your advantage!
  • The upper half of the screen views the game world in which your character moves and fights. The lower screen is for all the menus. Below the menu screen you can find the menu lock, map, autowalk, quest, reward video, online play and gem shop buttons.
  • Do quests for more experience points and gold! Some quests even reward you with potions and equipment!
  • You can play either as a male or female character and choose different hair colors and later hair styles for you character! You have a total of 3 save files so you can make 3 different characters.
  • Try out all weapon types (No weapon, Dagger, Sword, Rod, Bow), attributes (Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, Dexterity, Agility and Luck) and skills in different combinations and find your own playstyle!
  • Hotkey system where you can drag your skills and potions from the other menus to you your hotkey menu and use them with one tap. Move and drop your equipment similarly. You can also double tap a skill or a potion to use it in the other menus. Double tapping equipment in the inventory equips them.
  • Autowalk button that lets your character to move independetly in the current direction if you just want to let your fingers rest for a while
  • Unlock and learn new skills to aid you in battle, can you find them all? Skills can have different kinds of requirements to unlock them, some are gained from leveling other skills and some can be learned by mastering a certain weapon type for example.
  • You can play co-operatively online with one other player if you happen to meet on the same map, just tap the online icon near the bottom of the screen to start looking for other adventurers! Tap it again to go back to solo play.
  • Watching optional Reward videos will give you gems that you can use in the Gem shop to aqcuire useful items to help you in your journey! When you want to try new builds on your character, use gems to buy reset books from the Gem shop and re-distribute your status and skill points again however you like!
  • No pop-up ads, only optional reward videos, which the player can choose to watch or ignore. If you want to earn gems, tap the reward video button when it changes its color to red.omplex puzzles to collect keys and earn perks.



Developed by

Lauri & Lassi Rasanen

Published by

Lauri & Lassi Rasanen

Release date:

November 23, 2015

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