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About the Game

Mayhem Triple is a hyper-violent, tasteless tale of evolution gone wrong and the dangers of time travel. You are Mig Carter, a man with style to spare and the perfect opportunity to show everyone how great you are: the bunny apocalypse. Use smooth acrobatics and a vast armory of creative guns to help traverse countless epic setpieces riddled with bizarre sights and massive mutated rabbits. Are you a bad enough hombre to save the world?

Key Features

  • Xbox controller support, widescreen graphics, cloud saving, Steam achievements, trading cards and more have been added to this new version of the game.
    Over 20 weapons, ranging from cool to just plain weird!  You’re not going to find a gun that shoots bear traps anywhere else.
  • Tight controls and precise combat!  Whether using a controller or mouse and keyboard, feel in complete control as you accurately aim guns while diving, sliding or wall jumping around levels.
    Unique time traveling New Game+!  Uncover the mystery of saving the world by traveling back in time. Carry your arsenal back to the beginning to change the past and alter your fate. There’s unique dialog for up to 5 time loops!
  • Unlock powerful Illuminati treasure!
  • Defuse sticky hostage situations and solve complex puzzles to collect keys and earn perks.


Itch.io: http://dustingunn.itch.io/mayhem-triple



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Sniper Diplomat

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Sniper Diplomat

Release date:

November 23, 2015

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