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In the sky, above the clouds, there is a small floating island named Auster. Auster is the last piece of land that survived a great Catastrophe that destroyed the Old World.Alicia and Höstra live happily on Auster with the last bloodline of wizards, who have all become old men and women. Alicia and Höstra are the only two children that have been born in decades. All other pregnancies have resulted in miscarriages.

Just before Alicia’s coming-of-age Trial, a certain god-spirit attacks their village and kills one of the wizards. Alicia and Höstra flee to a neighboring village in search for help, but Höstra becomes influenced by the Spirit and attacks Alicia, throwing her off the edge of the Island. Alicia falls into the Void below the clouds.

Down below, she discovers that the Old World still remains, concealed beneath the clouds. Fearing for the safety of her people, Alicia sets off to find a way back home.

In the Valley of Éliadin, below the clouds
The Desert King Adóphnin was killed in battle against a resurgence of the western city Blákatha.
The King’s heir and only son Oznin has disappeared from the Palace, and Ahriman, the King’s power-hungry brother, has taken control of the city and Palace of Blivek. Access to the city’s water culverts is no longer free, and there is growing rumour of another invasion from the West.



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