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About the Game

Grey Night is a cinematic platformer with a dark atmospheric tone for PC, it’s inspired by the game Limbo. You play as a man who after a brutal car crash finds out that her loved daughter is gone. You are in the middle of nowhere and your objective find your most beloved person and protect her from the enemies before it’s too late.

•Gameplay and Features:

The game is single player, full of action, puzzles, boss fights, interactive cut-scenes, and quick time events. It’s story driven but it has no dialogue at all, the story will be told using animations only. That’s why all the cut-scenes are interactive, I want the player to really feel like he is the main character.

The game is still in Alpha, the base code of the game is ready, it’s fully playable, all the footage from the trailer was recorded directly from the engine. A lot more features will be added in the next following months.

On the art side, I think it’s okay at the moment, but I feel like this is the area where the game needs more attention, I need to improve the environments and the animations to make them more appealing without changing the style and feeling that it already has.




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October 28, 2015

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