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  • A refreshing combination of modern and classic puzzle-platformer game without losing the essence of classic games.
  • Engage in a fast faced melee combat with fast attacks and move, using elements and logic.
  • No level of difficulty, just hard mode.
  • Put your gamer skills to the limit while passing through the different hard levels
  • Melancholic theme with relaxing music that will take you in a unique journey.
  • Experience a deep and immersive story in that you will find identified in which each character have his own special participation.

The Story
“He” does not remember what happened, when he had change, when he lost her… “He” is in
the darkness searching for answers, looking for “Fatuma” but he is not sure of what he really wants and how to find her, because she is too fast. Both had suffer, it can be that what they suffered is enough to be together, but both of them are in the pursuit of happiness.

“He” is now lost in the darkness in unknown worlds, searching for happiness. He will have to overcome all the tests that his hearth will put to him, He will have to fight against his will and face his fears in order to grow and give life the value it deserves.

“Fatuma” she love him, but now she doesn’t know how much, she doesn’t even know if she wants to pass her life with him, because she flies to high and he is only a warrior and it is too hard to be together. It is hard for him to stay in the wing so long, “He” needs to feel the floor from time to time but she like all the essences, she needs to fallow her goals and dreams. Only this way she will find happiness. Fatuma begins her journey away from him, leaving everything behind, without knowing what she really wants. She only know that she wants to be happy.

“Spera” has the noblest hearth that “He” had known. She is who can carry the weight of a warrior, cure his wounds, cleaning the dark marks in his hearth, and at the same time learning from him all the experience. “Spera” is passive, she does not care that “He” is not the same race as her, she only likes him forgetting his ideals and believes.

“Flos” her life have change many times, she protects the seed of her essence, she doesn’t want to lose it so she eats it and this is when flowers start to come out of her body and she finds the light. Flos meets the warrior and she guides him towards the light giving him strength with her flower essences, harmonizing his soul.

“Goddelijk” is life in one being, the kindness, honesty, and love. This is the final goal of the warrior, is the only thing that will lead him to accomplish all his missions in this journey.

“Frater” is the warrior other half, he is always by his side, in all decisions that he takes like if he was his own conscience.

It’s time to fight for happiness!



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June 11, 2014

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